Why did you choose Ahsoka lightsaber?

Why did you choose Ahsoka lightsaber?

Ahsoka with two white lightsabers ready to fight

Ahsoka lightsaber is a legendary weapon of Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka Tano wielded a dual lightsaber set during the Clone Wars, showcasing her unique fighting style and abilities. 

Originally equipped with a single-bladed lightsaber adorned with a green blade, Ahsoka Tano’s weapon underwent a transformative evolution during the latter stages of the Clone Wars. In a pivotal encounter with Jakai, she modified her lightsaber into a double-bladed configuration featuring a distinctive yellow-green blade. Ahsoka lightsabers is often wielded by its director in an unorthodox reverse grip. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about this legendary weapon, starting with Ahsoka lightsaber’s origin story and ending with how you can realistically incorporate him into your collection.

Origin Story

Ahsoka lightsaber is a new lightsaber Tano built for herself more than a year after the end of the Clone Wars from parts she collected in her travels and from kyber crystals recovered from the Imperial Inquisitor’s lightsaber; Ahsoka lightsabers comes with a curved hilt and a white blade man. She completed these weapons in time to aid the inhabitants of Rada’s moons in evacuation from the Empire’s wrath and used them for many years afterward.

Unique shape

The initial incarnation of Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber consisted of a cylindrical silver hilt adorned with black trim, housing a single-edged blade. Resembling a scaled-down and simplified rendition of another lightsaber, the original design of Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber featured a more minor form with fewer intricate details. Both blades of the Ahsoka lightsabers contained kyber crystals from the sacred planet of Erum. In contrast, both edges were yellow-green in color. Both sabers of the Ahsoka lightsaber could be used underwater, as demonstrated at the Battle of Mon Cala. 

The dual lightsabers wielded by Ahsoka Tano showcased their versatility by being fully functional underwater, as evidenced during the intense clash in the Battle of Mon Cala. Upon Anakin Skywalker’s return of the lightsabers to Ahsoka Tano before the siege of Mandalore, the blades of her lightsabers had transitioned to a vibrant blue hue due to his modifications to the weapons. Finally, as mentioned above, the Ahsoka lightsabers became a pair of white lightsabers after its owner joined the fledgling rebellion.

The Secret of the Ahsoka Lightsaber

Ahsoka Lightsaber

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Modified Design

The Ahsoka lightsaber has a distinctly different design from standard Jedi lightsabers. The hilt of the Ahsoka lightsabers is curved, in contrast to the primarily straight handles of other Jedi lightsabers.

In addition, the Ahsoka lightsaber’s fighting style is also different from standard weapons. Ahsoka lightsaber adopts a rare “Jar’Kai” style, in which two lightsabers are used together, which not only shows Ahsoka lightsaber’s superior effectiveness but also shows Ahsoka lightsaber’s traditional breakthrough.

Ahsoka lightsaber’s color variations are also unique. Initially, the Ahsoka lightsaber is green, but after leaving the Jedi Order, the Ahsoka lightsaber changes to a pure, rare white color, which shows both the neutrality of the Ahsoka lightsabers and Tano’s departure from traditional Jedi symbolism.


Unlike most other Jedi, Ahsoka lightsaber is crafted by Ahsoka herself. The crystal that produced the Ahsoka lightsabers was discovered by Ahsoka in Irum, a sacred Jedi planet.

Apparently, Ahsoka Tano performed this important ritual with distinction. Ahsoka crafted her weapon in the traditional Jedi way by finding the crystals that make up the core of her lightsaber in Irum herself.

When the original Ahsoka lightsabers was lost in a grueling duel, Ahsoka faced this test of resilience with unyielding determination. The need to rebuild did not overwhelm her. Instead, it strengthened her resolve and inspired her perseverance.

In dealing with adversity, Ahsoka maintained her unique dueling style – wielding the Ahsoka lightsaber – and established herself as a symbol of resilience. Her newly forged Ahsoka lightsabers symbolizes her journey and evolution and embodies adaptability and resilience like herself.

By making her own Ahsoka lightsabers, Ahsoka Tano demonstrates that Jedi’s accomplishments are not just about combat prowess but also about resilience, character, and the ability to adapt to change-all qualities that Ahsoka possesses.

Lost and Found

As previously stated, the original Ahsoka lightsaber was lost during the Clone Wars in a battle with the rebellious Jedi Order Padawan Barris Orpheus. Forced to rebuild, Ahsoka lightsaber became what it eventually is now. The lost and found experience also adds more legendary colors to the story of the Ahsoka lightsaber and attracts more fans’ love.

Ahsoka lightsaber for sale

Ahsoka lightsaber for sale

Stores that sell Ahsoka lightsaber

Saberdefiant is a custom lightsaber store specializing in custom lightsabers that can be customized just for your Ahsoka lightsabers. Saber Defiant uses quality materials and superb craftsmanship to achieve a personalized result.

When exploring saber defiant by visiting their official website, saberdefiant.com, you should likewise keep in mind to combine the buying factors below to find the perfect Ahsoka lightsabers.

Factors to consider 

When buying an Ahsoka lightsabers, you should pay close attention to the construction details of the lightsaber. Saber Defiant offers high-quality Ahsoka lightsabers with precise and detailed designs.

You would want something other than a lightsaber made from cheap plastic or fragile metal. Saber Defiant offers an Ahsoka lightsabers made from sturdy materials to ensure durability and a more realistic feel.

While some fans prefer a simple Ahsoka lightsabers, saber defiant offers more options for fans who want a functional Ahsoka lightsabers. Fans are looking for an Ahsoka lightsabers that glows or makes a sound.

Price is undoubtedly an essential factor. Saber Defiant will ensure that the cost matches your desired quality and uniqueness in an Ahsoka lightsabers.

Maintaining and preserving Ahsoka lightsabers

This is the least of your worries if you buy your Ahsoka lightsabers from Saberdefiant. Saber Defiant is unique in the industry regarding the quality of after-sales service and offering free worldwide express delivery.

With Saberdefiant’s strong after-sales support, we provide tips to collect and preserve your Ahsoka lightsabers better. Display or store your Ahsoka lightsabers in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight or humid areas that may cause warping or fading.

Dust your Ahsoka lightsabers regularly. It will prevent buildup from affecting the color and overall appearance. Also, it would be best to be careful with the Ahsoka lightsaber. Sudden movements or dropping may cause physical damage to Ahsoka lightsabers.

To maintain the Ahsoka lightsaber’s pristine condition, gently wiping it using a soft cloth dampened with water is recommended. It is vital to avoid using abrasive detergents or chemicals that could potentially damage the material or cause color fading.

Lastly, keeping the Ahsoka lightsabers in its original packaging provides the best storage environment. It also increases the value of your Ahsoka lightsabers collection.

Such care and maintenance are essential to protect your Asoka lightsaber, increasing its life and value.

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