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What lightsaber color

lightsaber color

What are the lightsaber color meanings?

There are many different colors that a lightsaber can be, and it’s often said that the color of a Jedi’s lightsaber indicates their personality and skill. Following are some commonly used colors of lightsabers and their associated meanings:

Green – meditation harmony

Blue – Bright Justice

Red – dark evil

Gold – Reconnaissance Tracking

Orange – Stealthy

Yellow – Sunny Loyalty

Purple-Furious Destruction

Gray – Tranquility and Nature

black – bondage self

White – command order

The Different Colors of Lightsabers: Red, green, blue, purple

Red: The red lightsaber undoubtedly symbolizes the Sith. Unlike Jedi, they do not share a certain connection with kyber crystals, so Jedi can easily find kyber crystals. At the same time, Sith cannot establish this unseen connection and have to steal kyber crystals from the Jedi or use other methods to make their lightsabers. This is known as “bleeding,” meaning all negative emotions are poured into the crystal. This causes it to “bleed” and then turn red. In the Star Wars expanded universe, the Sith also cannot use kyber crystals to make their lightsabers, so they create synthetic kyber crystals, resulting in red color. This color is often chosen by the Sith, as evidenced by Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Darth Maul with his double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Sidious, and Kylo Ren – all wielding red lightsabers.

Green: The green lightsaber is another common choice among Jedi warriors, and it symbolizes harmony, helpfulness, cooperation, spirituality, and goodwill toward others. According to tradition, it was first used by Yoda, then Qui-Gon Jinn, then Luke Skywalker after completing Jedi training. It is also worth noting that Ahsoka Tano uses a light green lightsaber. In the Star Wars expanded universe, which includes books, comics, and other media outside of the main films and TV shows, it is often stated that the green lightsaber represents a Jedi Consular.

Blue: The blue lightsaber, which first appeared in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” is spiritually opposed by the red lightsaber and is closely associated with Jedi Knights. Ancient knights sometimes chose other colors, but blue was the most popular – as evidenced by the abundance of blue lightsabers in The Prequel Trilogy. The blue lightsaber represents justice and bravery, primarily because of its association with the Jedi’s stance and the intense “spiritual bond” between the user and the crystal. This color is used by characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano, with Ahsoka Tano possessing a unique pale blue blade. The blue blade is designated as the particular color of the Jedi Guardian and appears very frequently in the three prequels.

Purple:The purple lightsaber is a very rare color used by Jedi warriors and is synonymous with Jedi Master Mace Windu in the Star Wars universe. The purple lightsaber was directly chosen by actor Samuel L. Jackson, who portrayed Mace Windu, and George Lucas also liked the color. Therefore, the rare lightsaber has no significant meaning in the Star Wars universe, and the purple lightsaber is simply an interesting behind-the-scenes story. However, in the Star Wars universe, purple combines red and blue, symbolizing moral ambiguity and uncertainty. The purple lightsaber is believed to represent a balance between the light and dark sides of the Force, reflecting its user’s affinity for both. It first appeared in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” when wielded by Windu. During his confrontation with Darth Sidious in “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” Windu’s lightsaber was dropped out of a window, and its fate remains unknown.

The Jedi Order and their Colors: Yellow, white, orange, black

Yellow: This color is a special color used by the Jedi Temple Guards, who wield double-bladed yellow lightsaber pikes. Little is known about this particular lightsaber color, so it’s unclear whether the color was intentionally created to distinguish the guards’ identity or if it was the result of Kyber crystals turning yellow when chosen by the Temple Guards. However, characters like Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress from Dathomir have also used this color lightsaber at some point. In the expanded universe, Jedi Sentinels use yellow lightsabers, and it is believed that when Jedi Master Jaden Korr purified a red Kyber crystal, it turned into a yellow one, suggesting that those who wield yellow lightsabers have a devout nature.Ahsoka Tano wields the rare white lightsabers, which signify her high level of mastery in the Force. She obtained these Kyber crystals from the lightsabers of the Sixth Brother, an Inquisitor she defeated while in hiding after the fall of the Jedi Order during the Empire’s occupation of Raada. Ahsoka originally got a red blade, but she used the Force to purify the crystals, turning them pure white. This color change represents her status as an individual who is independent and not aligned with either the Jedi or the dark side. She used these new white crystals in two lightsabers, one of which was a photo saber.

Orange: The newest member in the official Star Wars canon is the orange lightsaber, which comes from the video game “Jedi: Fallen Order.” This color was created specifically for the game, so aside from its inherent uniqueness and marketability, it doesn’t have any background story. In the expanded Star Wars universe, Sith and recent Dark Side Jedi have sometimes used orange lightsabers, but in the new canon, there hasn’t been any significant meaning attributed to the color yet.

Black: The black lightsaber, also known as the dark saber, is a unique blade created by the first Mandalorian, Tarre Vizsla. The dark saber has a distinctive blade shorter than a typical lightsaber and shaped like a traditional sword. Following Vizsla’s demise, the dark saber was held at the Jedi Temple until it was eventually pilfered by a member of the Vizsla clan. The weapon became a symbol of Mandalorian leadership, and according to Mandalorian tradition, the only way to obtain it was to defeat the previous owner in combat.

Other Colors: A few other lightsaber colors have been mentioned in canon.

All the colors mentioned above are part of the official Star Wars canon, but there are many other colors of lightsabers that have yet to appear in the Star Wars canon. In the Star Wars Legends universe, in addition to kyber crystals, other crystals were used to create lightsabers, and the blade’s color depended on the crystal itself. As a result, various lightsaber colors have been seen in the Star Wars Legends universe, such as silver, cyan, gold, emerald green, bronze, and more. With many elements of the Legends universe recently transitioning into the official canon, it’s not surprising that more colors of lightsabers will also be added to the Star Wars canon in the near future.

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