2023 strongest two handed lightsaber

2023 strongest two handed lightsaber

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The number of lightsaber retailers provides endless color choices for Star Wars-loving collectors. However, for the top collectors, color or superficial design differences have yet to meet their needs. Two handed lightsabers came out at this time with a unique shape and design to win the love of top collectors. In this article, we will take you through the history of two handed lightsabers and how to buy a two handed lightsaber of your choice.

The shape of two handed lightsaber

What makes two handed lightsabers different is that the hilt of his sword exists in the center of both blades. This greatly influences the way two handed lightsaber is wielded and controlled, and has won him the favor of advanced collectors.

First, the length of the two handed lightsaber’s hilt is vital in comfortably accommodating both hands. Because of the special relationship of the blade, the longer hilt of the two handed lightsaber allows for a wider grip, enabling the user to have a more secure and stable grip. Precision and control are crucial, particularly in high-stakes combat scenarios.

In addition, the diameter of the hilt for two handed lightsabers also affects the ability of the wielder to effectively manipulate the lightsaber. A thicker handle provides a firmer grip, enhancing the wielder’s overall control and minimizing the risk of accidental slippage. On the other hand, a thinner hilt offers greater flexibility and maneuverability, making it ideal for quick and precise strikes.

The story of two lightsabers

two lightsabers

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Star Wars Prototype

The two handed lightsaber from the Star Wars stories captivated audiences with its grandeur and raw power. Fans of science fiction and casual viewers gazed in awe at this great weapon. Used by Sith Lords, the two handed lightsaber not only fascinated with its unique glow but also held significant symbolic meaning.

In Star Wars mythology, the double-bladed lightsaber holds significance beyond its function as a mere weapon. It symbolizes the tangible embodiment of the wielder’s strength and expertise with a sword. Exquisite concentration and control are the basis for its use. Holding the hilt with two hands allows the user to navigate complex movements and tactics with unparalleled precision. It symbolizes the user’s speed exchange for power, thus giving the weapon a certain seriousness.

In essence, the two handed lightsaber reflects the duality inherent in this universe. Despite its stunning beauty, it embodies lethal beauty. It is a constant reminder of the struggle between light and darkness, strength and weakness, courage and fear.


Users of the two lightsabers span the spectrum of Star Wars characters, balancing good with evil. Sith Lords, such as Darth Maul, wield this mighty weapon dazzlingly and relentlessly. His mastery of the two-handed lightsaber reflects their intense training and hints at their raw, untamed power.

The Jedi, ideals of peace and justice, likewise master the two lightsabers. In their hands, the two lightsabers are not instruments of destruction but beacons of hope. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker are noteworthy Jedi who skillfully commands two-handed lightsabers. Their symbiotic weapons are consistent with their code of peace and are only used when dialogue fails.

The more sinister soldiers of the First Order, known as the Sith forces, also wield TWO lightsabers. They use such weapons with a brutality that echoes their loyalty to the Dark Side. Although they are inconsequential in the grand narrative, their deft handling of these lightsabers shows the fascinating allure of the dark side.

Ahsoka Tano, a unique, dual-wielding gray Jedi, embodies the spirit of TWO lightsabers. Her skills represent balance, agility, and strength, qualities every two-handed lightsaber user should aspire to.

By its very nature, the two-handed lightsaber places no restrictions on the wielder. Whether a Sith or a Jedi, a soldier or a Jedi Outcast, Star Wars invites its characters to seize the power of this magnificent weapon, encapsulating a universe where power is not monopolized but shared by those who are worthy.

Two lightsabers for sale

Two lightsabers for sale

The average retailer cannot sell such elaborate works of art as two lightsabers. But at Saberdefiant, we offer you the top quality Two lightsabers that will capture your heart.

Superior Quality

At Saberdefiant, we offer you two lightsabers of outstanding quality, and that’s definitely more than just talk. The Two lightsabers we offer are made with a high-grade, beautifully crafted metal hilt and a high-strength polyester blade that emits the colors of a Star Wars movie at both ends, depending on the type of blade you choose.

Not to mention our control in the details, from the internal lights of the blade to the embossed pattern on the hilt, the saber defiant will keep all the pieces from going wrong.

Customized options

The unique feature of two lightsabers with two blades also gives it many customization options. At Saberdefiant, we offer collectors who purchase Two lightsabers more customization options for Two lightsabers only, in addition to the basic restraint options, giving unique collectors who love Two lightsabers more room to show their individuality.

Battle Tips

A collector who can understand and purchase such a unique artifact as Two Lightsabers must be a master of Star Wars culture, which means he knows a lot about lightsaber dueling.

But in any case, as a responsible retailer, saber defiant has a responsibility to remind you that when using a particular weapon like Two lightsabers, which have blades at both ends, for lightsaber dueling, you must be careful not to cause harm to yourself and others.

After Sales Service

Compared to ordinary lightsaber complex structure, two lightsabers do not reduce saber defiant to provide you with after-sales service standards. Our professional after-sales team for the purchase of Two lightsabers collectors to give the same after-sales service with other products. You can buy confidently, enjoy experiencing this unique and powerful weapon, and feel the charm of Star Wars culture.

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