Rey Palpatine lightsaber

Rey Palpatine lightsaber

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Rey Palpatine is one of the most intriguing characters in the Star Wars franchise, thanks to the unexpected revelation about her lineage in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. As it turns out, Rey is not just a nobody from Jakku, as she believed for most of her life, but the granddaughter of none other than Emperor Palpatine, the main villain of the original trilogy and the prequels.

Rey’s journey begins in The Force Awakens, where she is introduced as a lonely scavenger on the desert planet of Jakku. Despite her humble origins, Rey is strongly associated with the Force, which she uses to defend herself and her newfound friends, Finn and Han Solo. As she learns more about the galaxy and its history, Rey discovers that she has a mysterious connection with Kylo Ren, the conflicted dark warrior who serves as the main antagonist of the sequel trilogy. This connection culminates in a dramatic confrontation in The Last Jedi. Rey and Kylo join forces to defeat Snoke, the mastermind behind the First Order.

The Rise of Skywalker marks a turning point in Rey’s story as she faces a new threat from beyond the grave. Emperor Palpatine, thought to have died in Return of the Jedi, returns mysteriously, revealing that he has been behind the scenes, manipulating events and people to achieve his ultimate goal: to destroy the Jedi and rule the galaxy once more. Palpatine also reveals that he is Rey’s grandfather, which shocks her and raises questions about her identity and destiny.

Throughout The Rise of Skywalker, Rey struggles to come to terms with her heritage, fearing that she might follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and succumb to the dark side. However, with the help of her friends, including Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca, and the guidance of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, Rey finds the strength to confront Palpatine and his army of Sith troopers. In the climactic battle, Rey taps into the full extent of her powers, using the Force to deflect lightning and destroy Palpatine’s fleet. She also faces Kylo Ren one last time, and after a brief duel, she heals him and declares her love for him before he dies in her arms.

Is Palpatine Rey’s father

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The theory that Palpatine is Rey’s father has been a topic of discussion among Star Wars fans since the release of The Rise of Skywalker. While the film left this question unanswered, many fans have speculated about Palpatine possibly being Rey’s biological father.

One of the critical pieces of evidence supporting this theory is that Palpatine has been shown to possess powerful Force abilities, much like Rey. Additionally, there are several moments in the film where Palpatine seems to have a special connection to Rey, such as when he tells her that he is “all the Sith” and that she is “all the Jedi.”

Despite these connections, there are also several arguments against this theory. For example, it is unclear how Palpatine could have fathered Rey, given that he was presumed dead many years before her birth. Additionally, no clear evidence suggests Palpatine had any romantic or physical relationships that could have resulted in Rey’s conception.

The truth is, we may never truly know if Palpatine is Rey’s father. The theory of Palpatine being Rey’s father is still up for debate, with convincing arguments on both sides. In the end, it comes down to personal interpretation.

Rey Palpatine’s yellow lightsaber

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One of the most memorable scenes in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is when Rey reveals her lightsaber with a unique yellow blade. This marks the first time we see Rey wielding a lightsaber of her own design, and the color is significant in its own right.

The Origins of Yellow Lightsabers:

In Star Wars canon, yellow lightsabers are relatively rare and have been associated with specific factions or traditions of Jedi. For example, the Jedi Temple Guards, who served as protectors of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, wielded yellow lightsabers designed to be less lethal and more ceremonial than standard lightsabers. The Jedi Sentinel class, which focused on investigation and security, also favored yellow lightsabers. Additionally, some Jedi have used synthetic crystals to create yellow lightsabers, which could be customized to their preferences or personality traits.

The Symbolism of Yellow Lightsabers:

Regarding symbolism, yellow lightsabers are often associated with knowledge, wisdom, and balance. They represent a more measured and contemplative approach to the Force than the more aggressive and combative style of the Sith or the Jedi, who focus solely on combat. Yellow lightsabers have also been linked to the idea of the “Gray Jedi,” a term used to describe Force users who reject the rigid dogma of the Jedi Order and instead seek a more individualistic and balanced path.

The Significance of Rey’s Yellow Lightsaber:

Given the history and symbolism of yellow lightsabers in Star Wars, it is worth examining why Rey chose this color for her own lightsaber. One possibility is that Rey wanted to honor the legacy of the Jedi Temple Guards or the Sentinel class, who embodied the values of knowledge and wisdom that she also espouses. Another possibility is that Rey wanted to distance herself from the legacy of the Skywalker family, who are associated with blue and green lightsabers, and instead forge her path as a Palpatine. The yellow blade could represent a new chapter in her journey as a Jedi that incorporates both the light and dark sides of the Force.

Rey’s Yellow Lightsaber features a unique hilt design with a brass-colored finish. The blade is bright yellow, which is rare for lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. The hilt is adorned with intricate engravings that resemble ancient Jedi text, giving the weapon a sense of history and tradition


Rey Palpatine’s Yellow Lightsaber symbolizes strength, independence, and growth.

Thanks to its distinctive design and meaningful symbolism, Rey’s lightsaber has become an iconic element of the Star Wars universe. Whether you are a die-hard fan or intrigued by the world of Star Wars, Rey’s Yellow Lightsaber is a must-see for any true enthusiast.

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