How to get red lightsaber in jedi survivor?

How to get a red lightsaber in Jedi Survivor?

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In a distant realm, separated by vast distances, the Jedi Order confronted its most perilous era. However, amidst the chaos, a group of brave Jedi survivors emerged, wielding a powerful weapon known as the Jedi Survivor Lightsaber.

The Legacy of the Jedi Survivor Lightsaber:

The Jedi Survivor Lightsaber carries the legacy of the fallen Jedi Order. Created with meticulous craftsmanship and imbued with the power of the Force, it stands as an emblem of unwavering determination and unparalleled might. This legendary lightsaber is a testament to the Jedi’s steadfast determination to protect the galaxy from the clutches of darkness.

Unparalleled Design and Construction:

The Lightsaber of the Jedi Survivor showcases the pinnacle of engineering and artistry. Its hilt embodies grace and sophistication, meticulously crafted to offer ergonomic excellence and impeccable maneuverability. The blade, emanating a radiant glow, is powered by Kyber crystals, which can be customized to resonate with the user’s connection to the Force.

Enhanced Durability and Versatility:

Unlike standard lightsabers, the Jedi Survivor Lightsaber is forged with enhanced durability, allowing it to withstand the most demanding battles. It incorporates advanced technology, seamlessly transitioning between single-blade and double-blade modes. With a simple flick of the wrist, unleash devastating attacks or defend against incoming threats.

Mastery of Forms and Techniques:

Mastering various forms and combat techniques is crucial to fully harness the potential of the Jedi Survivor Lightsaber. Whether you prefer the elegance of Form IV – Ataru or the calculated precision of Form II – Makashi, this lightsaber adapts effortlessly to your chosen style. Unlock the secrets of the Force and become a formidable Jedi warrior.

How to get a red lightsaber in Jedi Survivor?

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Understanding the Significance of the Red Lightsaber:

Before delving into the procedure, let us take a moment to explore the importance of the crimson lightsaber for the Jedi Survivor. Traditionally associated with the Sith, the red lightsaber represents power, passion, and the dark side of the Force. Acquiring it is a testament to your prowess as a player and your willingness to explore the game’s depths.

Progress through the Main Storyline:

To unlock the red lightsaber, you must first progress through the main storyline of Jedi Survivor. Embark on the initial quests and partake in thrilling confrontations to enhance your character’s skills and capabilities. This will improve your overall gameplay experience and lay the foundation for acquiring the red lightsaber.

Align Yourself with the Dark Side:

The crimson lightsaber holds a profound connection to the ominous aspects of the Force. To obtain it, you need to align your character’s actions and choices with the dark side. Make decisions that reflect your character’s growing affinity for the Sith, such as favoring aggression over diplomacy and embracing the path of darkness.

Seek Guidance from Sith Lore:

To delve deeper into the dark side and unlock the red lightsaber, your character must seek guidance from Sith lore. This involves interacting with non-player characters (NPCs) who possess knowledge of Sith artifacts and rituals. Engage in dialogues, complete specific quests, and explore ancient temples to uncover hidden secrets.

Master Sith Combat Techniques:

Obtaining the red lightsaber is not solely about lore and alignment. It also requires mastering Sith combat techniques. Engage in intensive combat training sessions, hone your lightsaber skills, and acquire new abilities that are associated with the dark side. Your character’s proficiency in wielding the red lightsaber will be crucial during the final steps.

Overcome Trials and Challenges:

Unlocking the red lightsaber is a challenging feat. Prepare yourself for trials and challenges that will test your character’s strength, determination, and allegiance to the dark side. These trials may include boss battles, puzzles, or stealth missions designed to push your character’s limits.

Locate and Assemble Sith Relics:

The final step to obtaining the red lightsaber involves locating and assembling Sith relics scattered throughout the game world. These relics hold immense power and, when combined, will grant you the ability to construct your red lightsaber. Embark on an epic quest to find these relics, overcome obstacles, and harness their energy.

Unlocking the red lightsaber in Jedi Survivor is a thrilling journey that requires you to immerse yourself in the dark side of the Force. By progressing through the main storyline, aligning yourself with the Sith, seeking guidance from Sith lore, mastering combat techniques, overcoming trials, and assembling Sith relics, you will finally wield the influential and iconic red lightsaber.

Unveiling the Best Lightsaber Stance: A Guide for Jedi Survivors

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Understanding Lightsaber Stances:

Lightsaber stances refer to the Jedi’s different postures and movements during combat. Each bearing has unique characteristics, advantages, and applications. For Jedi survivors, mastering the proper stance can mean the difference between triumph and defeat.

The Best Lightsaber Stance for Jedi Survivors:

Among the various lightsaber stances, one is particularly effective for Jedi survivors – the Form III: Soresu, also known as the “Way of the Mynock.” Soresu emphasizes defense and is designed explicitly for Jedi facing multiple opponents or blaster-wielding adversaries. This stance enables Jedi to deflect blaster bolts precisely while conserving energy for prolonged battles.

Key Features and Benefits of Soresu Stance:

Enhanced Defensive Capability: Soresu focuses on deflecting and redirecting incoming attacks, allowing Jedi survivors to minimize the risk of being overwhelmed by enemy assaults.

Efficient Energy Management: By adopting a guarded posture and relying on controlled movements, Jedi can conserve their energy, making Soresu an ideal choice for prolonged engagements.

Countering Blaster-Wielding Enemies: Soresu’s emphasis on deflecting blaster bolts accurately and precisely offers Jedi survivors a significant advantage against opponents armed with ranged weapons.

Opportunities for Counterattacks: While primarily defensive, Soresu provides openings for Jedi survivors to launch calculated counterattacks, capitalizing on their opponent’s weaknesses.

Training and Mastering Soresu Stance:

To become proficient in the Soresu stance, Jedi survivors must focus on specific training techniques:

Reflex Development: Regular practice of lightsaber drills and exercises sharpens a Jedi’s reflexes, enabling them to react swiftly to incoming attacks.

Precise Deflection: Jedi should hone their accuracy in deflecting blaster bolts through target practice and simulated combat scenarios.

Agile Footwork: Mastering agile footwork allows Jedi to maintain a stable and balanced position, providing better maneuverability during intense battles.

Meditation and Focus: Mental preparation, including meditation and honing concentration, helps Jedi survivors achieve heightened awareness and react swiftly to changing combat situations.


The choice of lightsaber stance is vital for Jedi survivors navigating a dangerous galaxy. The Soresu stance emerges as the best choice among the various options available, offering a blend of formidable defense, energy conservation, and the ability to counter blaster-wielding adversaries. Jedi survivors can enhance their combat skills by dedicating themselves to mastering the Soresu stance and following the recommended training techniques, increasing their chances of survival in a hostile universe. 

May the Force guide and protect you, valiant Jedi!

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