2023 Best Cross guard lightsaber

2023 Best Cross guard lightsaber

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Cross Guard lightsaber belongs to Kylo Ren Light, the villainous character and the hero of the latest Star Wars movie trilogy, which has led Cross Guard lightsaber to be called Kylo Ren lightsaber on some occasions. Cross guard lightsaber has a unique design, which contains two smaller blades, or “quillions,” that protrude from the hilt at a 90-degree angle to the primary blade. This design makes the lightsaber look like the traditional “crossguard” found on older swords, hence the name. It first appeared in the first of the latest trilogy of Star Wars films: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” In this article, you will follow us as we explore the story of the cross guard lightsaber, don’t go away. It will be stimulating.


In the movie, the Cross guard lightsaber always exudes a dangerous and powerful aura, and the character wielding cross guard lightsabers shows anger to match. After the movie’s release, Star Wars fans worldwide were amazed at the power of the cross guard lightsaber. As mentioned above, the cross guard lightsaber variant has a dual purpose, unlike standard lightsabers. It has a central blade, but two additional edges protrude from the hilt to provide extra protection for the wielder.

This innovative design makes the weapon more potent in attack. The unique mechanisms the cross guard lightsabers possess to act as a tricky way to attack in combat. The Cross guard lightsaber’s extra blades add an unpredictable edge to the fight.

The Cross guard lightsabers is not just made for physical combat. It also offers an undeniable psychological advantage. Its appearance alone can unsettle opponents while giving the wielder an aura of power and menace.

The cross guard lightsabers embodies extraordinary power through its intricate design, sheer power output, and fearsome presence. It is a weapon and an awe-inspiring construct, widely revered for its raw power and tactical superiority.

Unique charm

The appeal of the Cross Guard lightsabers lies in its symbolism: the Cross guard lightsaber is the epitome of power and rebellion. As Kylo Ren’s weapon of choice, the Cross guard lightsabers has always emphasized its primitive and biting identity. The Cross guard lightsabers is more than a tool of destruction; it is a deeply rooted symbol of character traits and narrative themes.

The concept of the Cross guard lightsaber forms an impressively commanding silhouette. It suggests a sense of fear and respect. Thus, the unique appeal of the Cross Guard lightsaber lies not only in its design but also in its ability to enhance storytelling and character development. Romantic and powerful, the Cross Guard lightsabers captures the essence of the dark side of Star Wars in a way that no other weapon can.

Dead by Cross Guard lightsaber

Cross Guard lightsaber

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Lor San Tekka

In “The Force Awakens,” the movie begins with a chilling act of violence. Kylo Ren, armed with his weapon cross guard lightsaber, brutally seeks Luke Skywalker’s former ally, Lo-San-Teka. Len’s motivation is chilling – he wants a map that points to Skywalker’s hidden location. Teka’s knowledge, unbeknownst to him, makes him a target. In a relentless quest for power, cross guard lightsabers silences Tekka, cementing its master’s fall from grace in the darkness.

Han Solo

Also, in the movie “The Force Awakens,” a shocking twist. Known for his bravery and charm, Han Solo was decapitated by his son Kylo Ren holding a cross guard lightsaber. Solo, a beloved character from the beginning of the series, suddenly met a tragic end and was sacrificed on the altar of Ren’s loyalty to the forces of darkness. Ren and his cross guard lightsabers acted as more than a symbolic incarnation of an attempt to destroy the light side of the Force; they also needed to sever family ties and show a shocking commitment to its darker path.

Supreme Leader Snoke

In the new trilogy of Star Wars films, the “Last Jedi” cross guard lightsabers makes an unexpected twist in the power dynamic of the narrative. Kylo Ren, as a subordinate, uses cross guard lightsaber to kill Supreme Leader Snoke. Cross guard lightsabers performs an act of regicide that reinforces his desire for power, but it goes beyond all expectations. By destroying his master, he positions himself as the new leader of the First Legion. This daring power grab changed the trajectory of the First Order.

Resistance fighters

Cross guard lightsaber’s thirst for power and bloodlust is relentless and vividly portrayed throughout the new trilogy of Star Wars films. In addition to the well-known characters, the battlefield is littered with resistance fighters who died under cross guard lightsabers all victims of cross guard lightsabers. It is not just soldiers who fall victim to cross guard lightsabers. Innocent bystanders, people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, also became the objects of cross guard lightsaber’s merciless hunt. Cross guard lightsaber’s disregard for life, whether fighters or civilians, is the same.

Snoke’s Praetorian Guard

After Snoke was decimated by cross guard lightsabers at the end of the movie “The Last Jedi,” Kylo Ren wielded cross guard lightsaber and Rey together, fighting and killing all of Snoke’s guards. These guards also became the souls of the dead cross guard lightsabers.

Cross guard lightsaber for sale 

Cross guard lightsaber for sale 

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