Best Anakin green lightsaber in 2023

Best Anakin green lightsaber in 2023


Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker are the protagonists of the Star Wars trilogy of old and new movies and the most famous father and son. The concept of Anakin’s green lightsaber also comes from their father-son relationship, namely the idea that Anakin also has a green lightsaber, just like his son Luke. This concept originated from a scene in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, where Luke Skywalker builds a new lightsaber, the green-bladed one, which is mistaken by some people as Anakin’s green lightsaber.

Anakin used the blue-bladed lightsaber for most of his Jedi tenure in the Star Wars prequel trilogy: “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.” The significance of Anakin’s blue lightsaber transcends the prequels, as it eventually becomes Luke’s lightsaber in “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” and also appears in the sequel trilogy.

So, there is no Anakin green lightsaber in the Star Wars canon. Anakin’s green lightsaber comes from the unofficial story and the secondary creation of the fans, and that is what we will explore in this article.

Unofficial Story 

The inspiration

Anakin’s green lightsaber is an inspiration that surfaced in the Star Wars community. Anakin green lightsaber is, in fact, something that has nothing to do with Anakin Skywalker in the official story. Anakin’s green lightsaber, which all Star Wars fans know Anakin uses a blue-bladed lightsaber that was passed to Luke and even found in the sequel.

The Light Side Connection

Anakin’s green lightsaber can be traced back to Anakin’s transformative journey in the Star Wars saga. Known as the prophesied “Son of Destiny,” Anakin shifts from the light to the dark side throughout the story. He starts out as a young Jedi full of potential and ends up as Darth Vader, an awe-inspiring Sith Lord. His blue lightsaber, a symbol of his initial loyalty to the Jedi, represents the early part of his journey. But could the Anakin green lightsaber, similar to the lightsaber Luke built, symbolize his lingering connection to the light side?

Fan Fiction

There is a way to delve into this possibility in the unofficial realm of the Star Wars universe. It appears in fan fiction, theories, and imaginative narratives created by die-hard fans. Although unofficial, these stories allow exploring plots not covered in the films, such as Anakin’s green lightsaber.

A new parallel universe

The concept of Anakin’s green lightsaber builds an alternate universe. He may have created this weapon while training as a Jedi in this universe. Its creation may indicate that his skill set expanded and matured over time. Thus, Anakin’s green lightsaber’s sword represents Anakin’s growth and an era of inner peace before his tumultuous descent into the dark side.

In other cases, fans imagine a reality in which Anakin builds Anakin green lightsaber as he struggles with inner turmoil. This may symbolize his wavering loyalty between light (green) and darkness (red). It represents Anakin’s internal struggle, confusion, and struggle with the dark forces that seek to consume him.


Fans give so much meaning to this unofficial Anakin green lightsaber because it adds depth to Anakin’s character. They explore the complexities and layers hidden behind his blue and red saber through it. That’s what makes the Star Wars community so fascinating. Enthusiasts defy the boundaries of the official narrative and delve into their creative arsenal. In doing so, they breathe life into untold stories and possibilities.

In short, while Anakin’s green lightsaber may not exist in the official Star Wars canon, it thrives in the creative minds of its fans. Anakin’s green lightsaber symbolizes their love for the series, reflecting their willingness to dream, imagine, and, most importantly, keep the spirit of Star Wars alive.

Anakin Green Lightsaber For Sale 

Anakin Green Lightsaber

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Exceptional Retailers

The Star Wars series brings a fantasy that transcends time and has influenced generations. In Star Wars stories, lightsabers define their users, with colors symbolizing identity, power, and sometimes a sense of morality. Sold by Saberdefiant, the Anakin green lightsaber has captured the interest of fans worldwide – the unofficial green lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker. Offering this unique masterpiece to Star Wars fans is SaberDefiant, a premier creator of customizable lightsabers.

Stunning Design and Quality

SaberDefiant is known for its meticulous designs, offering an exquisite version of the Anakin green lightsaber. For the first time, Star Wars fans can master this elusive piece of the Star Wars universe. But what makes this green lightsaber unique?

The unique color tells the first part of this exciting story. In Star Wars mythology, the green lightsaber traditionally symbolizes wisdom, harmony, and a profound connection to the Force. SaberDefiant’s masterpiece delivers that message. It’s the perfect companion for any Star Wars enthusiast seeking to tread the path Anakin has taken.

Turning to the technical side of things, you’ll be amazed by SaberDefiant’s craftsmanship. This company believes in precision. The hilt of the Anakin Green lightsaber is made of high-quality metal, showcasing the smooth lines and intricate details of the Anakin Green lightsaber, replicating the original hold of Skywalker. The design ensures a firm grip with both aesthetics and function.

A significant highlight of the Anakin green lightsaber is its light-emitting blade. Using LED technology, SaberDefiant has created a bright, resilient edge that can withstand powerful punches. Anakin’s green lightsaber glows in legendary shades of green, transforming any room into a scene from the epic Star Wars universe.

In addition, the Anakin green lightsaber has sound effects that add an extra level of reality. You’re not just holding a lightsaber but participating in an immersive Star Wars experience. The realistic “swoosh” sound makes you feel like you’re cutting through the air in a Star Wars duel.

Beyond the meaning of itself

For eSports, role-playing, or as a magnificent showpiece, SaberDefiant offers beyond the usual merchandise of the Anakin green lightsaber – a particularly tangible connection to Star Wars lore. The Anakin green lightsaber is more than just an artifact for sale; it is a story, a journey, and a testament to SaberDefiant’s understanding of the Star Wars universe.


The Anakin green lightsaber has generated excitement, not just because of its novelty. The Anakin green lightsaber symbolizes the spirit of the Star Wars community – timeless, creative, and fanatically dedicated. This purchase promises to quench Star Wars fans’ thirst and bring them one step closer to their beloved galaxy.

That’s what Anakin’s green lightsaber from SaberDefiant represents – a chance to glimpse an untold story while adding a piece of history (official or not) to your Star Wars collection.

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